inclusive design by Kat holmes presented by Spencer and Susan
Overview: This was a group project were my partner and I did research about inclusive design and accessibility. We used a teaching kit from Kat Holmes and adapted it to the classroom. Our initial plan was to do various classroom presentation to classes in different departments on campus to explain how inclusive design can be implemented in other subjects and not just art and design. Unfortunately because of campus shutdowns, we had to adapt our presentation to online classrooms. We decided to create a video presentation and other learning materials that would be sent to the professors so they could post them on D2L for their students to watch. We included an activity that we created and adapted for students to do independently at home to apply what they learned about inclusive design in a hands on application. We also included pre and post presentation surveys to collect data on students' prior knowledge and what they comprehended from the presentation.
Software: Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects
Case Study
Presentation Video and Other Materials